Prayer Requests

 Ongoing prayers for these friends:  


 Char asked prayer for her neighbor Linda Sons for cancer

concerns and upcoming surgery.


Perry for friend Patricia Lucedo for complications from a

recent brain aneurysm.


Robin Becker for her Aunt Marcia recent health issues.


 Don Niemeyer asked prayers for peace in Ukraine.


Ongoing prayers for these friends:

Bobbie’s sister Christine Joseph for heart health concerns.

 Still needs our prayers moving forward!


 Pat for Alex Anderson (20 yr old) battling cancer.  Prayers

 for his parents John and Val who are his support


Jen Golightly for friend Brenda Ison dealing with  a growth

That could be cancerous.


Sandy May’s Dad for health concerns.


 Chris friend Betty Weaver getting pacemaker.


Gloria for the Brawner family therapies and recovery.

Laura’s Dad, Konnie Kuiper, recent fall. Healing prayers.


 Terry Ruehl asked prayers for Lizzy.


Terry Sergent asked prayer for her husband Darrly with

Pneumonia and  also special needs friend Becky.


Irene for prayer in family circumstances for Jeff and Madelyn


  Jan Janson’s great grandson 4 yr old Noah with

 post-surgery complications. Doing well at home.


  From Judy Lietzau…Hospice care prayers  for Sherry and

Roy (family friends)

 Irene Baidinger asked prayer for Seth, Kim and Jay.


    Cancer Concerns:

Jill for friend Jeremy Murray battling cancer.

Karen Risk’s SIL Mark for ongoing cancer diagnosis/chemo.

Gail for Peter with bone cancer.

 Sue Corum- Sandy May's sister

Jerry Kolonski -kidney cancer. 

Marvin Ross for an ongoing cancer battle.

Dave Henson- prostate cancer..  

 Snedden friend…Katie Minths cancer diagnosis..

Jen Golightly's friend Eric is suffering from esophagus cancer.    

John and Nancy Cermak battling cancer issues.

 Jensen family friend Tim Sendak for pancreatic cancer

Also for relative Emily Recchia with cancer health concerns.


Laura asked prayer for Mike Gora and George Bowman with

 cancer diagnosis.


Alice Rajchel for extended family Jane Landess  


Tiffany for friend John Sanzo with colon cancer.


Mary Ross nephew Anthony Rankin for pancreatic cancer



General  Prayer Concerns:

Ask for our Lord's blessings for : Debbie Diddie in Lowell Health Center.


Jim and Chris' brother Ken Haag for physical healing.

 Char and Rick Hise battling heart, lung and health issues.

Jan Janson’s sister Winnie in hospice care. (Florida)


 Baby Colton (now 3yr old) for extreme physical needs. 


June Kitner for ongoing health issues 


Many for UNSPOKEN Requests in our service today 


Our Military Service

 Derek Snedden.

Also Mark (with Laura) asked prayer for his military

 sons Alex and Kyle.

Alex deployed to Iraq as of 7-1-2021.



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Blessed to have Jim Haag back today!


Pastor’s Dad is feeling much better this week!


Jan Janson recovering from recent surgery and shingles.


Pastor’s extended family member---Desiree Dilizo had scans

this past week that showed she was cancer free! Praise God!





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