Prayer Requests

Urgent needs this week include:


Audrey Persinger is out of the hospital and recovering at home after a

Reoccurrence of her foot infection. Keep her in prayer!


Jensen family friend Tim Sendak for pancreatic cancer treatment. Prayers!


Don Lottes Jr asked prayer for Julia back surgery recovery and grandniece Charlie

(13) with health issues.


Roy Ruehl fell at home last week cutting his hand and arm. Prayers for our friend!


Snedden friend Kelly Ingram lost her 6 year battle with cancer. Please pray for

Kelly’s family and friends during this difficult time.


Laura asked for travel mercies for daughter Kaitlan Vass this week.


Debbie Diddie struggling with life and health issues in Lowell Health Facility.


Bobbie Brookes for sister Christine’s heart attack recovery and health issues.


Joe’s Heavener’s MIL Mary fell breaking her foot in a local Nursing Home.

Prayers for her recovery and emotional health.


Norma Ruble is at home recovering from a recent fall.



Ongoing prayers for these friends:  

Irene’s daughter Kim and grandson Seth for decisions plus life concerns issues.

From Judy Lietzau…Hospice care prayers  for Sherry and Roy (family friends)

 Bobbie Brooke’s friend Agi for a new kidney.  .

 Delores Bencie…ongoing health issues


 Mary Gilbert with prayer concerns for health of  her brother Herb, wife Roma


Jerry Niemeyer for health concerns.


Dave Williams’s friend Lloyd Pastorel with ongoing kidney dialysis.


Pastor’s extended family member---Desiree Dilizo for more cancer concerns.


    Alice Rajchel for extended family Emily Matthews for recent fall with broken bones.

Prayers for God’s healing and grace. Alice Rajchel for cousin’s wife Jane Landess

 for cancer treatments and recovery. Also for health needs for Sister in law Judy Lee

and daughter Kris for lingering covid symptoms.


 Catherine for Donna Burris—fall with broken bones


Alice asked prayer for friend Judith Hancock concerning heart issues.


Bill Jensen for friend Jerry Haller who suffered a heart attack.


 Karen Risk asked prayer for son in law Mark Hill for upcoming surgery.


 Prayer for Alaina Niemeyer with continued effects of a concussion.


Prayers for the family of slain Champaign, IL police officer Chris Oberheim.

Patricia Gregory has a related nephew Richie with the family


Prayer for Elaine Golightly’s friend Deanne Sullivan suffering a heart attack.


Continued prayer for all families effected in the Miami building collapse.


Jan Janson’s sister Winnie has entered hospice care in Florida.


Robin Becker and Teri Sergent battling fibromyalgia flare ups. Recovery prayers.


Char for a friend’s husband, Kim Ackerman, with some health issues.


Ken Craft’s son, Ken Jr, was severely burned in a firefighting incident at work

In Florida.  Prayers continue for his recovery and healing.  


Cancer Concerns:


Roy Ruehl for pancreatic /liver cancer diagnosis.   

Jim Pappenheim continues to recover after thyroid cancer surgery.


Gail for Peter with bone cancer.


Delores Hawkins…Leukemia in remission for now…further testing later in Summer  


Sue Corum- Sandy May's sister

Jim Daniels-Colon cancer

Jerry Kolonski -kidney cancer.   

Dave Henson- prostate cancer..  

 Snedden friend…Katie Minths continues battling through her cancer diagnosis..

Jen Golightly's friend Eric is suffering from esophagus cancer.    

 Laura friend Mike Gora for post cancer health and life altering surgery.

 John and Nancy Cermak battling cancer issues.

Mary Gilbert’s brother Claude for colon cancer.


Ginny Arndt for granddaughter Melissa with skin cancer removal surgeries.



General  Prayer Concerns:

Ask for our Lord's blessings for : Debbie Diddie in Lowell Health Center.


Jim and Chris' brother Ken Haag for brain bleed healing broken hip.

 June Kitner  and Chuck Wagner for health issues 

 Char and Rick Hise battling heart, lung and general health issues.  


Joanne Haag for health conditions and recovery at home.


Laura's parents  (Konnie and Karen Kuiper) for health concerns

Baby Colton (now 2yr old) for extreme physical needs.  Prayers for healing.


Many for UNSPOKEN Requests in our service today!  Pray for all on these hearts! 

Mary Gilbert brother Ralph entering hospice care.


Our Military Friends:

Jack Snedden and Derek Snedden.

Also Mark (with Laura) asked prayer for his military sons Alex and Kyle.

Alex deployed to Iraq as of 7-1-2021.




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 Pastor’s Dad’s recovering well.


Blessed to celebrate birthdays today with Norma Jean Lottes, Bill Jensen and

 Char Hise! 

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