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Prayer Requests


 Urgent needs this week include:

Several families grieving  lost loved ones.  Peace prayers for these.



      Cancer Concerns:

Sue Krygoske’s daughter Amy Jo battling cancer at Mayo clinic.

Pastor’s cousin--Patty Renn with leukemia diagnosis.

Prayers Requests from Carol Jensen:

 -Carol Grady for cancer issues. Came well thru surgery

-Carol Hale with Husband Phil for support prayers

 -Ann Thompson for cancer concerns. Surgery on Sept 29


Strummer friend Francine for her sister Rosemary-cancer

Mike Hubbard for bladder cancer.

Dave Williams for:

Family member Jamie Morton cancer screening.

Friend Doug Mitch with brain cancer.

Sue McConnell for cancer treatments and job loss


Jill for friend Jeremy Murray battling cancer.


 Laura for George Bowman with cancer diagnosis.




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